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New service Travemünde–Vaasa

WALLENIUS SOL is now improving and expanding the service for Ostrobothnia. From mid-January 2021, we will add Travemünde on the northbound route Zeebrugge–Antwerpen–Travemünde–Vaasa.

WALLENIUS SOL’S CUSTOMERS HAVE been requesting two-way traffic between the Ostrobothnia region in Finland and Travemünde for some time now. The increased demand for northbound transports, together with the fact that two new vessels will be taken into use in 2021, has enabled a new call in Travemünde on the northbound route to Ostrobothnia. 

With the new route, which will premiere in mid-January 2021, WALLENIUS SOL will be able to offer a complete infrastructure from northern Germany and the Benelux region to the Ostrobothnia region. 

“This opportunity creates new and better conditions for imports, especially to local industry in and around Vaasa and Pietarsaari. We are incredibly happy that, despite these special times, we thanks to good growth can expand the line and meet customers wishes,” says Jonas Wåhlin, General Manager WALLENIUS SOL. 

Read more about WALLENIUS SOL’s expanded service here.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Ragnar Johansson, Managing Director
Phone direct: +46 (0)31-354 40 41
Phone operator: +46 (0)31-354 40 50
Jonas Wåhlin, General Manager
Phone direct: +46 (0)31-354 40 24
Phone operator: +46 (0)31-354 40 50
Kai Peränen, Commercial Manager
Phone direct: +46 (0)761-26 22 88
Phone operator: +46 (0)31-354 40 50



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