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Connecting Latvia with Belgium and UK

RoRo-vessel with containers
Words: Maritha Arcos
Photo: Flying Focus

In cooperation between WALLENIUS SOL and Stena Line, it is now possible to transport goods directly from Liepāja, Latvia, to Tilbury, UK. This route includes stops in Travemünde and Zeebrugge/Antwerp. Customers will have the convenience of a single point of contact for the entire freight.

With the recent increase to the German road tax rates (MAUT), transporting goods by sea has become an even more cost-effective alternative, offering a more sustainable and economical solution for logistics needs.  

By connecting Stena Line´s Liepāja–Travemünde line with the weekly service of WALLENIUS SOL from Travemünde to Zeebrugge, Antwerp, and Tilbury, we can provide our customers with a reliable, one-stop solution for efficient freight booking of their cargo. During transshipment in Travemünde, we keep the cargo on the same equipment, thus avoiding unnecessary transloading.

"This isn't just a great service for standardised units; it's perfect for oversized cargo too. Instead of dealing with permits and the high costs of trucking large and heavy cargo, we're making it easy to shift to seaways. This option also significantly reduces emissions," says Kai Peränen, Commercial Manager Central and East Europe, WALLENIUS SOL.

Bookings are easily placed with WALLENIUS SOL or Stena Line for the entire route.
Contact our Sales Department for inquiries or connect to our Logistics Service team to book your route.


Route map Lativa-Belgium-UK

A single point of contact for booking freight from Liepāja to Travemünde, Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Tilbury. Through partnerships with selected carriers, we offer a wide range of destinations for cargo within Europe. For more information and a complete connectivity map, click here.