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WALLENIUS SOL beginning the year with an expanded product portfolio

Elvir Dzanic
Words: Maritha Arcos
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Climate, growth and flexibility. In response to its customers’ challenges, WALLENIUS SOL has developed a new strategy focusing on meeting the market’s needs. 

Just over four years ago, a bold decision was taken when a new Swedish shipping company with a unique commercial network in the Gulf of Bothnia was launched. Determined to lead the green transition, WALLENIUS SOL has established a logistics infrastructure with a fleet at the cutting edge of technology. This infrastructure serves a region characterised by growth, but which is also challenged by Arctic conditions several months of the year. Such conditions demand efficient logistics. Elvir Dzanic, CEO of WALLENIUS SOL, tells us about the new phase the shipping line and its customers will begin in 2024.

 Four eventful years have passed. What happens now?
“We will continue investing in a climate-smart logistics infrastructure, based in the Gulf of Bothnia. We aim to continue leading the green shipping transition, and we’ll do this through our new construction programme and by optimising our route network and expanding the mix of biofuels. Now it’s time to take the next step. We’ll be strengthening our offering in a number of areas to help enable sustainable growth and prosperity for our customers.”.

Exciting, what will the new offering look like?
“Among other things, we’re working on a broader product portfolio. Through partnerships, we aim to offer bespoke door-to-door logistics, based on our existing route network. What’s more, we will expand our geographical coverage through port optimisation, both in-house and in collaboration with selected strategic partners. We will also invest in digital business systems, providing our customers with a better overview and making it easier to book shipments.”

We seek to grow together with our customers”
Elvir Dzanic

How will WALLENIUS SOL’s new infrastructure enable successful trade?
“As logistics pioneers with an industrial mindset, we take a long-term view of our business and we seek to grow together with our customers. Our infrastructure, strategically positioned in the expansive Gulf of Bothnia region, is designed to meet the growing logistics needs and enable such growth. To succeed, we need supply lines that are reliable, efficient, regular and climate friendly. This combination of flexibility and a long-term approach will create strong links between us and our customers.”

Are we talking WALLENIUS SOL 2.0?
“I’m not sure what version to call it. We always aim to be better, just like every version of a smartphone is better than the last one. It’s a proactive WALLENIUS SOL that is constantly striving to do more than the market expects; a WALLENIUS SOL that leads from the front and will continue to do so.”