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Route Networks

WALLENIUS SOL operates in the region around the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea. 

Our liner traffic covers the biggest and most important ports in northern Finland and Sweden, Germany, the Benelux region and the United Kingdom, but our logistical infrastructure extend beyond these waters connecting to a variety of ports throughout Europe.

Primarily, our base cargo comprises forestry products, but our fleet is well-equipped to handle a diverse range of goods such as containers, trailers, static cargo and high & heavy machines. With our cost-efficient, innovative and sustainable infrastructure the reasons for switching from land to sea transports have seldom been stronger.

Through connections with selected partners we can offer a wide range of destinations for cargoes within Europe. 

Bookings are easily placed with WALLENIUS SOL for the entire route. Don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Department for inquiries or connect to our Logistics Service team to book your route.

To see our Online Schedule, go directly to our Routescanner.

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