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ETS Surcharge

Containers on weather deck

Effective 1st January 2024, new EU regulations will be introduced for the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) in the shipping industry. On this page we will explain how this surcharge is calculated and provide you with indications of the cost level.

Cost components

The primary cost component that we, as a shipping line, will face is the cost of purchasing carbon permits. This is done through an open marketplace. For each tonne of CO2 our vessels emit, one carbon permit will be purchased. Essentially, the fuel consumption of our vessels will be translated into carbon permits, and the cost of emissions will be distributed across the cargo we transport.


Due to both the volatility of the market price of carbon permits and the operational conditions of our geographical location, WALLENIUS SOL has decided to make quarterly adjustments to our ETS Surcharge to level out any short-term variations. To facilitate the introduction of new ETS rates for each quarter, the calculation will be based on EUR per permit for the upcoming quarter.

We believe we have established a fair model where the cost is evenly distributed among the users of our services. However, please note that we retain the right to adjust our calculations as we accumulate more experience.


ETS Charge Q3 2024  
Carbon permits based on price of 70,20 EUR per permit.  
ETS € per lane meterLoadedEmpty
Bay of Bothnia - North Sea Ports vv.5,441,63
Bay of Bothnia - Travemünde/Lübeck vv.3,210,96
Zeebrugge - Tilbury vv.0,700,30
ETS € per TEULoadedEmpty
Bay of Bothnia - North Sea Ports vv.32,649,78



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Jonas Wåhlin
Jonas Wåhlin
Chief Commercial Officer