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Life on Board

The bridge on a vessel during sunset
Words: Maritha Arcos
Photo: Patrik Mamer

What is it like to work in a constantly moving workplace? Life aboard WALLENIUS SOL’s state-of-the-art vessels is quite different compared to that on most other RoRo ships. Click on the video to get a glimpse of the daily life on board the Enabler vessels.

Even for the most seasoned sailors, stepping aboard Botnia Enabler is an experience. Not only due to its impressive size and modern technology, but also due to the tangibly warm and welcoming atmosphere. Great emphasis has been placed on creating a homely environment that boosts camaraderie and motivates people to socialise beyond their own cabins. One example is the lounge adjacent to the mess; devoid of walls, spontaneous socialising is encouraged.

From the day room, laughter and singing can be heard as crew members sing karaoke to the tunes of “I Ain’t Worried” by One Republic. The spacious sauna with a sea view provides a relaxing moment after a shift, and in the gym at the front, a sweaty strength training session has just concluded.

A second home

A significant factor behind the cosy atmosphere on board the Wallenius fleet is the personal commitment from board member and shipping magnate Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg. Margareta passed away in April 2023, but her memory lives on through her interior work onboard. Before her passing, she and a decoration team hung about 200 paintings and decorated with lighting, cushions, and teddy bears.

“I admire what Margareta did with the decorations on board. She was not only committed to the vessel, she also was committed to the well-being of the crew,” says second officer Val Jaruda, continuing:

“We’re like a family. Botnia Enabler is a home away from home.”

Sauna with a seaview

Botnia Enabler has a spacious sauna with a sea view. Photo: Tobias Persson


Colleagues socializing after the work shift

Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg has personally hung 200 paintings an decorated with lamps and cushions. Photo: Patrik Malmer

Two persons steaming twist locks on RoRo-vessel.

Steaming of twist locks on weather deck. Photo: Patrik Malmer

Brun teddybjörn

A teddy bear as a companion at sea. A gift to the captain from Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg. Photo: Patrik Malmer

Chef in red apron prepares a salad

The Chief Cook plays a central role on board. Photo: Patrik Malmer

An individual engaged in the practice of bench pressing exercise

A spacious gym is available on board. Photo: Patrik Malmer

A captain in front of the computer late in the evening.

Life on board never sleeps. Photo: Patrik Malmer

Movie room

What about a movie or a round of karaoke with the colleagues? Photo: Patrik Malmer

Engineers working in the engine room on a vessel

The engine control room. Photo: Patrik Malmer

    Life on board in numbers

    Number of cabins: 29
    Number of crew: 18 + 2 trainees
    Number of cushions: 153
    Number of paintings: almost 200
    Kg of potatoes/14 days: 40 kg
    Facilities: Gym, sauna, karaoke, cinema