WALLENIUS SOL’s new vessels is an important success factor for the future. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, LNG operation and tailor-made loading capabilities, the vessels guarantee increased efficiency for the industry.



SPECIALLY DESIGNED VESSELS built to Finnish/Swedish ice class 1A Super will ensure year-round service, even in the the Gulf of Bothnia. The fleet in service in the Baltic Sea will initially consist of five vessels. Up to four new vessels are ordered and delivery of the new vessels are planned for 2021. These vessels will be LNG-powered and will also have other features that make these vessels the most environmentally efficient vessels in the area.

The new LNG-powered vessels will be equipped with two LNG fuel tanks and be the largest ro-ro ships built to Finnish/Swedish ice class 1A standards to ensure year-round service, even in the icy winter season in the Gulf of Bothnia.

The new vessels in numbers



Benefits for the environment

Reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions are some of the environmental benefits of the new vessels.






fuel consumtion
per tonne-km
thanks to larger
vessels, more
efficient engines
and ship design
decrease of
emissions of
gases per transported
unit in
CO2 equivalents
decrease of
sulphur dioxide
(SOx) emissions
decrease of
oxides (NOx)
decrease of
    Source: Rapport U6059, Svenska Miljöinstitutet



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