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New feeder operation from the Gulf of Bothnia

Containers transported by feeder operator WALLENIUS SOL
Words: Maritha Arcos

WALLENIUS SOL is expanding its offering by connecting its established network in the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea region with the rest of the world. It will do so in its capacity as feeder operator to the world’s overseas shipping lines.

IN CONTINUING to develop its offering, WALLENIUS SOL has since March this year been able to offer a product aimed at the overseas market. As a feeder operator to some of the world’s largest overseas shipping companies, customers now have the opportunity to use the container capacity on WALLENIUS SOL vessels plying fixed routes in the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea.

‘In a region such as the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea, the basis for pure RoRo or pure container traffic is limited and sensitive to cyclical fluctuations. We’re about to put our new ships into service, which will increase container capacity by around 800 TEU per ship. We want to make the best use of it and assist overseas shipping companies on those routes where they don’t have their own vessels or need more capacity,’ says Jonas Wåhlin, General Manager WALLENIUS SOL.
When the new ships arrive at the end of the year, they will traffic the Kokkola – Skellefteå – Kemi – Oulu route where WALLENIUS SOL will offer an efficient, reliable feeder service to Antwerp, one of Europe’s largest container ports, and nearby Zeebrugge.
‘This set up also improves efficiency in the ports. Because containers can be lifted on board by crane while RoRo operations are taking place, we can handle more cargo in the same space of time. This in turn can shorten lead times in port compared to loading two ships,’ says Jonas Wåhlin.