The forest industry has always been a major part of our operation, just as the forest has always been important to Nordic industry. It is therefore only natural that we work with logistical support for the forest industry in Sweden and Finland.

We can take overall responsibility for the customer’s shipping department, or assist in specific assignments where the organization does not have the necessary expertise.

At present, for example, we take care of Stora Enso’s system traffic from its mills in northern Finland and Sweden to continental Europe and the UK. We are responsible for ensuring that 2.5 million metric tons of forest products reach their destination on time and undamaged. We use two routes in this process: from Sweden to Belgium and the UK, and from northern Finland down to Lübeck, and on to Antwerp, Zeebrugge and the UK.

We take care of Stora Enso’s ships, timetables and costs, and we plan the cargo on board the vessels and report back to Stora Enso. We also manage their equipment such as container units and SECUs (Stora Enso Cargo Units). And we handle all purchases for the ships and monitor costs and deliveries.

Our task is to manage and improve the logistics with the aim of identifying efficient transport solutions. This is why we work proactively to improve service and efficiency. We have a group working round the clock to organize transportation, and maintaining contact with the ships regarding how they are driven and with stevedoring companies on how they are loaded.

In order to optimize the cargo for each journey, some of the work is integrated with SOL Continent Line. Any space not needed by Stora Enso is sold to third-party customers.

There are several advantages to outsourcing logistics, not least the Group’s expertise and experience in finding new solutions and routes in combination with a third party, for example.

Thanks to our solid maritime expertise, we can optimize and develop our operation for our customers. We have been doing this for a hundred years, and intend to carry on doing so for a hundred more.

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