WALLENIUS SOL is a small, service-oriented organization focusing on cost-effective freight. WALLENIUS SOL operates five routes connecting Finland and Sweden with Germany, Benelux and the UK, with no fewer than 28 departures a week.

This offers many benefits. Above all, you can choose from more flexible transportation options for trailers, containers and project cargo. We can also offer competitive prices thanks to a long-term collaboration with the forest industry in Finland and Sweden.

In terms of the environment, WALLENIUS SOL is at the forefront of future maritime transport. Our efficient ships and the ports where we operate enable us to offer intermodal transportation onto the highways of Europe.

We also work proactively to adjust our speeds in order to keep fuel consumption to a minimum, and we choose the shortest route between Finland and Germany. This is good from a sustainability perspective.

WALLENIUS SOL’s network of regular services, extensive departures and routes offers an efficient, reliable, good-value solution for transporting cargo between major and important ports in the Gulf of Bothnia to the continent. Thanks to various collaborations with other lines, we can offer even more flexibility and opportunities for efficient transportation from Finland and Sweden to Europe.

Each route has its advantages

The Oulu-Kemi-Pietarsaari-Lübeck RoRo route goes directly from the Gulf of Bothnia to the continent, and links strategic ports in northern Finland with Germany and the continent. We also have a RoRo route linking northern Finland with the continent and the UK which goes from Oulu to Kemi, Pietarsaari, Lübeck and then on to Antwerp and Zeebrugge before arriving at Tilbury.

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