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A boost for Sweden

Tomas Eneroth
Photo: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet

From a political perspective, on both regional and nationallevels, the new shipping company WALLENIUS SOL is a welcome addition to the transport industry. The investment in traffic between the Gulf of Bothnia and European ports fits well with both climate and export goals.

THE SHIPPING AND export initiative that the new shipping company WALLENIUS SOL has started is a boost for both the region around Gulf of Bothnia and for Sweden as a whole.

“A new shipping company is welcome. There is a positive development within Swedish shipping, with an increased number of vessels under the Swedish flag. This is fully in line with  the goverment’s ambition to increase the share of goods transported by sea. We are an export dependent country, and exports must take place in a climate smart way,” says Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth (The Social Democrats).

He believes that more options for transport to global markets, and access to ports for the whole country, are important factors for successful exports. To reach climate targets is also important.

“I am passionate about the development of Swedish shipping and the industry players have already set ambitious goals for themselves. In terms of new investments, we see that LNG and increased electrification are in focus. We will multiply navigable channels, and double research and development funds to strengthen Swedish shipping,” adds Tomas Eneroth.

Metsä Board Husum mill site in Sweden

Metsä Board Husum mill site in Sweden.  Photo: Metsä Board

For the municipalities along the Norrland coast a new shipping company will strengthen the region.

“Metsä Board is an extremely important company for the municipality and an important base for employment. Operations are based in the old Modo Group, which is something of an emotional core for us,” says Anna-Britta Åkerlind (The Center Party), city councilor in Örnsköldsvik.

“A stable owner who invests long-term in the business is a good initiative for Örnsköldsvik. Long agreements signal persistence from both purchasers and sellers. The bio-economic-cluster we are building in the municipality is a part of the future industry, with products from the forest that will be important for the fossil-free society. It is also positive to strengthen shipping, as we have the aim of moving as much as possible of transport by road to railway and shipping.”

Anna-Britta Åkerlind is happy to see the further development of both shipping and ports along the Norrland coast.

“If we can get more stops and other companies to choose shipping this would of course be positive.”