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5 Insights from Women in Maritime 2024

Female engineer on container-vessel
Words: Maritha Arcos
Photo: Shutterstock

On May 13, Maritimt Forum, The Competence house, Öckerö municipality, the Swedish Shipowners’ Association, SMTF, Wista Sweden and Wärtsilä, organised a seminar to recognise the "International Day for Women in Maritime". Here, industry colleagues gathered to discuss how to enhance the role of women in the maritime sector.

Our HR and Sustainability Manager, Rebecca Tagaeus, was naturally present. Here, she shares some of her key takeaways:

New generations, new demands

“Having a diverse workforce is key to success in any team. To attract future talent, we must adapt to new demands, particularly regarding security. It's essential to consider both internal feedback and external insights on what's lacking in the maritime sector compared to industries that are more advanced in gender equality.”

Right: Speakers at the Women in Maritime Day. Left: Rebecca Tagaeus, Nathalie Munteanu

Women in Maritime Day, Öckerö, Sweden. Left: Cajsa Jersler Fransson, Sjöfartsverket. Right: Rebecca Tagaeus, WALLENIUS SOL, and Nathalie Munteanu, SOL.

Career opportunities

“An education in maritime and logistics can form the foundation for a long and diverse career. The career paths are numerous, and many young students testify that they had not realised how many land-based positions are available where their skills are highly sought after. It is possible to have a solid, sustainable career as a woman within the maritime sector.”

Enable the Enablers

“By empowering those who facilitate change, we can create an environment ripe for growth and innovation. We also need to overcome old norms and outdated 'truths' about what it means to be a woman in maritime. Despite progress, outdated attitudes persist. Therefore, we must focus on clear examples and representation to reshape perceptions.”

Diversity is not just a goal – it’s essential for attracting tomorrow’s workforce”
Rebecca Tagaeus
HR and Sustainability Manager, WALLENIUS SOL

Sustainable synergy

“Sustainability is a web held together by multiple components. The social component is very important and facilitates good practice in financial as well as environmental sustainability. Without the right people with the right (and diverse) perspectives, we lack the essential building blocks to move forward. A diversified team is not just a strength; it opens doors to opportunities previously unseen.”

Driving change

“To achieve change, the right mindset is needed from top to bottom and from the inside out in organizations. It requires clear goals and policy documents with follow-ups to secure the right fit.”

Women in Maritime-logo

International Day for Women in Maritime

The IMO International Day for Women in Maritime is observed on 18 May every year. The day celebrates women in the industry and is intended to promote the recruitment, retention and sustained employment of women in the maritime sector, raise the profile of women in maritime, strengthen IMO's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 (gender equality) and support work to address the current gender imbalance in maritime.