Pia Berglund, National Coordinator for Domestic and Short Sea Shipping at the Swedish Transport Administration. Photo: Patrik Malmer
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Pia Berglund: Long-term thinking leads the way

WALLENIUS SOL’s investment in sustainable, environmentally friendly logistics solutions is the way ahead for Swedish shipping companies, according to Pia Berglund at the Swedish Transport Administration.
Mikael Thorslund, Northvolt - Foto Emil Nordin
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Northvolt’s vision: the world’s greenest batteries

Northvolt has been labelled “the industrial project of the century in Sweden”. The battery manufacturer has big visions, including marine applications.
Tomas Eneroth, Minister for Infrastructure. Photo: Kristian Pohl / Regeringskansliet - WALLENIUS SOL - The Enabler
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A boost for Sweden

Sweden’s Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth believes the new shipping company fits well with both climate and export goals.
Johan Woxenius, Professor at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Photo: Carina Gran - WALLENIUS SOL - The Enabler
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Collaboration on solid ground

Professor Johan Woxenius believes that coordinated logistics can squeeze costs and raise the level of service for the forest industry.

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