WALLENIUS SOL The Enabler Photo: Liquid Wind
The Enabler
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E-methanol – the future fuel?

Methanol free from fossil components may be the ship fuel of tomorrow. Read about methanol and Liquid Wind, the company wholeheartedly backing its production.
Roll Decay Test at SSPA. Photo: Partik Malmer
The Enabler

How to reduce roll – deep, short bilge keels

Innovative ideas need to hold up in reality. The improved bilge keels on our new vessels have withstood rigorous testing at the SSPA facility.
WALLENIUS SOL, Ice breaking, Photo: Shutterstock
The Enabler

How our ships withstand extreme cold

The ice on the Baltic Sea can reach one metre in thickness. Find out how the WALLENIUS SOL design team tackled the challenge of designing ships that can navigate in thick ice and extreme cold.
The new vessels - WALLENIUS SOL - The Enabler

The world’s largest LNG RoRo

Read about the unique vessels and the challenges that the naval architect faced when he took on the task of designing the record-breaking ships.

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