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“Together we are stronger”

 Read about the joint venture that is about to build services with eco-smart RoRo vessels from Swedish and Finnish ports in the Gulf of Bothnia.
The forest industry, Photo: Shutterstock - WALLENIUS SOL - The Enabler
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The impact of the Forest Industry

The Nordic forest industry is literally a ”growing” industry. Together the Swedish and Finnish forest industry are the largest exporter of paper, pulp, and timber in the world.
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A scalable infrastructure

WALLENIUS SOL has created a new scalable infrastructure, with space for more customers. This means that more ports and vessels can be added. Read more about the ports so far. 
Stora Enso, Photo: Daniel Peters - WALLENIUS SOL - The Enabler
The Enabler

Stora Enso about shipping in the Gulf of Bothnia

Forest company Stora Enso is one of the companies entering into a shipping agreement. Senior Vice President Knut Hansen believes this is a win-win situation.
Ragnar Johansson, CEO WALLENIUS SOL. Photo: Dan Ljungsvik
The Enabler

“This is why our new shipping company will be a success”

The new shipping company stands out from the rest. Through close cooperation with industry, they are now building a new infrastructure of shared transport solutions.

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