WALLENIUS SOL operates scheduled services from five ports in the Gulf of Bothnia to and from Europe/UK. The main cargo in this traffic, is paper products and other types of goods, such as steel, trailers and containers.

In April 2019, Wallenius Lines and Swedish Orient Linien (SOL) formed the joint shipping company WALLENIUS SOL. The fleet consists of five RoRo vessels for the traffic to and from the Gulf of Bothnia. These vessels are filled with paper products (fine paper and cardboard) on their way south, and back north with other cargo. The paper products are loaded on cassettes, as well as SECU and containers.

WALLENIUS SOL has ordered up to four RoRo vessels run by LNG power, to be built 2019-2021 by Wallenius Marine. With these vessels, combined with existing fleet, WALLENIUS SOL can offer transports with higher efficiency, but at the same time reducing the environmental footprint.



Liner Service

Liner services run regularly between Scandinavia, the Continent and UK. We provide a flexible supply of tonnage, adjusted for all types of cargo, on a regular basis using our conventional vessels. Our competitive offer has been based on experienced, dedicated crew and the highest ice class for the 100 years we have been operating. Our local knowledge and networks are extensive and have been carefully built up over the years.

Management Service

The main focus is currently the forestry industry, were we act as an outsourcing partner to one of the world’s leading forestry product companies. With vast know-how and experience, we are always willing to handle new shipping and logistics assignments.


Wallenius Lines, with head office in Stockholm, has more than 80 years of experience as investor and active owner in the global shipping industry.

In the 1960s, Wallenius Lines developed the RoRo concept, at first in the North Atlantic trade and later from Asia. Wallenius Lines was the first independent shipping line to work with the Japanese car industry.

Today, Wallenius Lines owns some of the world’s largest RoRo networks. Wallenius Lines owns 37.8% of the worlds’ largest RoRo shipping company, Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (WALWIL). Wallenius Lines also owns 50% of the short sea shipping company United European Car Carrier, UECC. It is a joint ownership, together with one of the largest shipping lines in the world, Japanese NYK. The formation of WALLENIUS SOL is the third part of a portfolio of industrial shipping.


For more than 100 years, SOL has aimed to enhance service and offerings to enable their customer’s businesses and strengthen their competitiveness.

The Svenska Levant Linjen (SOL) was formed in 1911 by Dan Broström, through Tirfing Rederi AB. The first journey went from Gothenburg by M/S Upland. In 1927, the shipping line changed names to Svenska Orient Linien, SOL, head-quartered in Gothenburg.

SOL offers service routes to and from Scandinavia, the Continent, the UK, the Baltic States, as well as Northern Africa and Eastern Mediterranean. The fleet consists of flexible tonnage, suited for all types of cargo, on a regular basis through our conventional vessels. Competent crew and the highest level of Ice Class on our vessels, lay the foundation for our competitive service. Our local knowledge and network are extensive and have been built up gently through the years.

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