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A Porsche on a icy road, Photo: Shutterstock

150 Porsches head north of the Arctic Circle

A ship full of 150 peak performance Porsche cars sailed the sea. They were destined for Porsche Ice Experience in Levi, Finland. The event saw Porsche enthusiasts from all over the world skid around on snow and ice from early morning to late evening.

WALLENIUS SOL’S SHIPLOADS usually consist of products from the paper industry. Besides paper goods, they also carry containers, machines and transformers from various freight forwarders. But some time ago, a shipment was loaded on board that would send the pulses of petrolheads into overdrive! One-hundred and fifty of Porsche’s most high performance cars were loaded up in Lübeck, Germany. They were bound for the Finnish port of Kemi, 883 nautical miles across the Baltic sea. The vehicles were then transferred to lorries, which ferried them across the Arctic Circle en route to the ski resort, Levi, where Porsche has a rally centre.

Each year at the venue, drivers take part in Porsche’s advanced training programme, Porsche Ice Experience. For a certain number of days, depending on the course, participants fine tune their skills in winter conditions driving on snow and ice.

Porsche cars on route to the Porsche Ice Experience in Levi, Finland

150 Porsche cars on route to the Porsche Ice Experience in Levi, Finland.

Cargo safely handled

“Growing up in Finland, I’ve done my fair share of skidding around on frozen lakes. So it goes without saying I’d love to do it behind the wheel of a Porsche,” said Kai Peränen, Commercial Manager at WALLENIUS SOL. 

It was he who handled the order of Porsche vehicles from the German freight forwarder, Gröning Internationale Spedition GmbH.

After a number of high octane months in Finland, the cars were returned to Germany in March.  

“This was a prestigious project for WALLENIUS SOL, and we made sure the cars were delivered safely,” said Kai Peränen.

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